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Tooling Design

So, you already have a 3d model and now you require castings.

With over 10 years experience of designing pattern equipment for a wide variety of components, casting processes and foundries I'm able to produce sensible and accurate tooling with minimum fuss.

Often there is some prep-work to do to the 3d model for such things as draft taper and joint lines (unless I made the 3d model, in which case I'd endeavour to include them) from there we're able to split the model into a mould pack consisting of patterns and (where necessary) cores, either to your design, my own initiative, or a combination of the two.

Pattern equipment I've modelled in the past includes;
  • Cylinder Heads
  • Engine Blocks
  • Gearbox Casings
  • Sumps
  • Manifolds
  • Pumps, Impellers and Turbo's
  • etc, etc...
...in fact, if it's produced as a casting, the chances are I've made tooling for something similar before!

Simple drag pattern and the resulting sand impression with volute core
  I don't manufacture tooling but I can advise on suitable suppliers of pattern equipment and castings and I'm happy to liaise with them on your behalf.

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